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The Australian System Safety Conference is a joint conference between the Australian Safety Critical Systems Association (aSCSa) and the International Systems Safety Society (ISSS) Australian Chapter. This year the conference incorporates the 2012 International System Safety Regional Conference.

Australian Chapter of SSS Australian Chapter of SSS     Australian Safety Critical Systems Association

The conference aims to share research, government and industry knowledge and practice in the field of systems and software safety. The theme of this conference focuses on value adding and improving efficiency in system safety.

System safety... what's the value-add? System Safety programs are always challenged by: availability of qualified resources; program budget; integration with and influence over the engineering development and planning. Yet liability protections, and regulation, require formal safety assessment of all complex systems with major hazard potential. Add-on safety programs are universally experienced to be least efficient and least effective. So - what are the successful strategies, methodologies, tools and experiences of implementing and adding value through a system safety program?

The conference is intended to bring together domains of Defence, aviation, rail, automotive, utilities, mining and resources, medical engineering, telecommunications, and information technology. It provides a rare opportunity to learn from and exchange information across application areas and disciplines outside your own, with representatives from defence, mining, aviation, medical and process industries just to name a few.

If you work or have an interest in system safety, functional safety, safety engineering, safety management, or if you are a student wanting to learn from expert from around the globe, then this conference is for you. We invite you to submit a paper and register your attendance.

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors for ASSC'2012. A conference like this does not happen without the support from our sponsors.

RGB Assurance 
Ansaldo STS 
Nova Systems   
Airservices Australia 
BAE Systems 
Hyder Consulting 
Defence Materiel Organisation  



The venue for the Thursday night conference dinner is the Kookaburra River Queens. Kookaburra River Queens

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Dr Claire Marrison - Manager, Safety Systems, Risk and Analysis at Air Services Australia

Mr Robert Schmedeke, Technical Fellow of System Safety at Boeing St. Louis, Executive VP System Safety Society

Mr Terry Hardy, Founder & Director Safety & Risk Management at Great Circle Analytics, and author of "The System Safety Skeptic"

Dr Jens Braband, Business Unit Rail Automation, Siemens AG, Germany

Prof Manfred Broy, Computer Science, Technische Universität München, Germany